Change my mind…

         For years(really) I have believed this idea, aka, LIE. Well, there are more than one, but this one in particular has crippled me in major areas of my life. I bought into the idea that I was not as capable of love as everyone else. That I was horrible, and unlovable because of this inability to love in a way that was acceptable to the people around me.  That my love did not fit their definition and therefore wasn’t good enough. This lie came from the enemy of love and life and truth. He shared it with those that he knew would be succeptible to it, and they believed it and so the cycle of hurt began. The enemy DESPISES mothers. I have blogged about this before. I can’t remember when….. The point is, his jealousy is raging and dangerous. We have the ability to bring forth life, and he does not. We are altogether lovely, and he is not. Do not underestimate the lengths he will go to, or the lies he will put in place to paralize you in your place of power….your home, your motherhood.

                         Its been coming for a while, the Lord ,working on this lie, as if it were a knot that he is taking his time loosening, and unraveling.  I have been hearing whispers of truth, whispers of love and life. Today, one of my girls at work, was sharing with me, and I opened up my heart a little and shared with her. It was lovely, and she said that she loved talking to me, and that she thought I was great, and that I made her laugh. I knew it! I CAN give love, and I CAN receive love, I CAN reflect love, and pass love on. It sounds so simple, but the spell is broken, the knot is no more, the lie is undone.

                              I know he will come again, but for now I am basking in the warmth, and light of this truth.images One young girl changed my mind.

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