This blog is a hybrid.

          Recently, a friend sent me a link to a fashion blog that made me drool. I love it, I can spend lots of time looking at the outfits and reading the way the stylists describes them, almost like food. Speaking of food, I love food blogs, too. Delicious photos of delicious food that I fantasize about making. If you like fashion, you will love this And if you love food along with photos of food go to

                     I wish my blog was like that , but its not. I add in a little fashion and a little talk about Glam(my clothing store), but really, this blog is just ….my story. My story and all the characters who live in it. There are days when it is a comedy, and days when its a drama and sometimes a tragedy, at least in my own mind. So there you have it, this blog is a hybrid.

                           I am thinking of ways everyday to keep myself uncovered in this blog, to let those of you reading ,see as much as there is to see, in hopes of speeding the healing process along.”What am I healing from”, you ask,…..thats simple… human condition. Enjoy.imagesCA0W5C0O

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