Day two down, and I am happy and hopeful. Isaiah is doing great. Thank you for all the prayers. 

                 On a different subject, I have gotten lots of encouraging words over the past two weeks for Isaiah, and it blows me away. I have also gotten words of love and affirmation about my parenting, and boy, did I need to hear those. Thank you for listening to the Lord, and for being willing to share. Today, I got one of the greatest words that was mine and mine alone. It came from a surprising source, but the Lord knows exactly what he is doing. This young woman started a conversation with me about how long I have been at CrossRoads. I told her (proudly), that I had been there almost from the beginning. And then I admitted that I had left the church two times. Once, to help start another church, that while unsuccessful, taught me a ton about myself. And once to move to Charlotte, and go to MorningStar. And here I am back again. This young woman said to me, “i saw you at crossroads, a looong time ago”. I said, “really ?”, and she said “yes, you really stood out. ” And then she went on to tell me that, had she not seen me there, dancing, singing and worshipping in my way, that she did not think she would be where she is in worship today. Her words to me, “thats what a worship leader is.”

              I recieve that and believe it. I will never look back. I’ve burned my bridges with this world….nothing feels as good as worship to me. And every once in a while, when the world has knocked the wind out of me…I forget. But then, my Father sends someone to me with a message, and it reminds me….just exactly who I am.worship

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