Project “guinea pig”

          We had a good meeting with the school on Friday. Turns out, Z is a model student, once he settles in. We are trying “operation Guinea Pig “. Isaiah’s teacher, Mrs. Cone, will print the picture of a guinea pig and cut it into five pieces. Each day that Isaiah goes to school with out crying or fighting, she will reward him with one piece. He will bring it home, where I will put it on the fridge. When we have all five…..tada ! A guinea pig. (great). Actually, if it helps this situation, I am willing to do just about anything. We will go to the pet store and let Isaiah pick himself out a little creature. Another mouth to feed, and another thing/person to clean up after.

                      I feel like writing a book, warning new parents about how hard it is to be a parent. Somebody should have told me.nibblesgp170

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