oh happy day !

Isaiah went into school WITHOUT issue this morning ! No tears, no fighting, no trying to open the car door and jump out into traffic. Everything else that happens today is gravy ! It’s bookfair day, by the way. That’s what inspired him. He loves books and loves to read.

                  We have our meeting with the school this morning, that should be interesting. I should say, that we are at the BEST school, they have bent over backwards to be kind to Z. At times, I would get afraid that they wouldn’t like him, or dread seeing him coming, because of the fight. But they have been patient and kind. I know that is a blessing, a big one ,and I get so wrapped up in my sadness that I forget the blessings.

              Yesterday was a horrible day for news, for the state of our world and I’m not even talking politics….today is going to be a better day. OPEN THE FLOOD GATES OF HEAVEN AND LET IT RAIN.IMG_0070

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