quick update…

First of all, I did not get my hairs done. I am sad about this. The Lady made me wait 45 minutes, and while, I try to be understanding, I simply COULD NOT waste that much time this week.

                Last week, I made a new friend, her name is Regan, so this is a shout out to her ! I love being a 35 year old woman who can enjoy making new friends ! There is joy in that, and joy is strength. THAT is what I need considering I am on the tail end of two 14 hour days and pretty much delirious.

          Other things that I want to talk about, but can’t tonight(due to the afore mentioned exhaustion)

  1. The pastor and staff of men from our church came and prayed for GLAM, and for our families. I will talk about this in great detail later !
  2. One of my Best friends,( I like to call her frankencense, she calls me Gold, we are funny that way), was very sick, but is on the mend. The relief and joy of prayers answered were overwhelming to me.  I plan on writing a blog about what she means to me and how she changed the way I live my life. coming soon.
  3. Lastly……I was on the news tonight !! So exciting Of course, I don’t like how I look or sound on camera, but thats a blog for another day. We have been  BLESSED beyond measure ! This whole news story was straight from our Father’s hand.
  4. I woke the kids up with muffins in bed this morning. I hope that makes up for the fact that I haven’t seen them in 2 days….It’s gonna be worth it all. Eyes on the prize…..Proverbs 31 wife….
  5. oh yeah, lets not forget, the toilet overflowed and I dropped my keyes in while trying to plunge it, while Nikki died laughing. It was a funny diversion, if the devil thought it would bother us….he was wrong.

One thought on “quick update…

  1. Thanks for the shout out!! I feel famous ;o)
    I love the excitement of a new friendship just as much as you! I look forward to it…now rest up sister you’ve got a busy time approaching!

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