FYI….opening a business is waaay harder than I thought it would be. That being said, here are a few other things that are harder than I thought they would be……

  1. being a good parent, keyword…good.
  2. making a cheesecake
  3. living 90 miles away from the 2 women that changed my spiritual life.
  4. HAVING a spiritual life.
  5. being a boss.
  6. being a wife.
  7. letting go of a child that is growing up.
  8. training a dog.
  9. blogging every day.
  10. loving my neighbor.
  11. line dancing.

I mean really ! Whose with me ? Thanks, this was a nice diversion. I am exhausted and delirious. Glam opens in 5 days !!

3 thoughts on “FYI….

  1. I think you are a brave, courageous, smart, sexy-MOTHER, WIFE, FRIEND,BUSINESS OWNER. Love You

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