in awe of you.

        I blogged on sunday afternoon about worship. Maybe you read it, I ended the post with the fact that I was going to rest up for that evening. And so I did. I went and got into my bed, surrounded myself with Bibles and books, and my journal. I read for a while, and then I prayed. I asked the Lord to give someone a word of encouragement for me. I hear other people getting these nudges from GOD all the time, seemed to me that I was never getting one. Here is basically what I said, ” Lord, I need you to love on me, I want to hear from you…TONIGHT. I will be there, and I know you will too, so lets get together”. I know, not a very spiritual thing to say, but the thing is….he KNOWS me, there is no point in using frilly, spiritual words when he already knows me from the inside out.

               And so, we went and we worshipped, we brought it. And HE did not dissappoint, he always shows up on our praise, always. I danced, I stomped, I jumped, I yelled, I moaned, and I prayed. It was altogether good. As good as coffee in bed, as good as the beach in the bahamas, as good as a cold glass of wine on the hottest day you can imagine….it also was that intoxicating. I was reeling from his love and kneeling in the face of his mercy. Ok…all that being said, when the music and the ministry stopped, my friend ,LOGAN, came over and said, “I have something for you, its a painting, I am scared to death to give it to you, but the LORD told me to”. WHAT ?!  I don’t know if I even reacted, I was in a little bit of shock.

                In a nutshell, Logan had a vision at church that morning and the Lord told her to paint it, while she was doing this, He very clearly said,” GIVE IT TO ANGIE”. She did not want to. She has never given a painting that she created away, and there was fear there.(the LORD always does more than one thing at a time, he is a multi-tasker in the best way). She obeyed. The Lord said give this picture to Angie, she is a worshipper, and this will resonate with her, I delight in her worship and feel satisfied when she worships “

                      OK people, is this thing on ? Are you listening to what I am saying ? If I never LEAD people in worship on a stage, and if my songs are NEVER heard……I DON’T CARE.  JESUS rests well and is content when I am worshipping him, my worship is a shade tree that he leans against. I may never be the same again. One moment, one touch, one word can turn it all around.

                     Thank you Logan, your obedience has changed my life. Sound dramatic ? It is.  The idea that I have led you into worship is a prophecy fulfilled, and it feels good.

              There is more to come. Bigger and better things in store and coming soon. For all of us.

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