Shout it out.

           I want to say that church was good, but we all know the truth….GOD IS GOOD. I am positive that the KING OF KINGS inhabited our praises this morning. We invited ,and he never turns down an invitation.

                  It was freeing to hear David say  ” no one else can bring YOUR praise to the LORD.” I knew that already but it is one of those truths that as a worshipper, you forget. And that suits satan, just fine. For years, I have felt my voice inadequate to bring before the KING. The KING or man ??? Well, both, to be honest. The truth is….I have more than a voice to bring. I have a HEART for worship, a soul filled with the song of the LORD, and a spirit abandoned, sold out to my King.

                       I have spent the last few years learning how to worship with my life, its been a good hard lesson to learn. I am ready for the whatever the LORD has for me now.

ps. The band at Crossroads were the gatekeepers today….they opened them wide, they stirred up affections for the Lord and led the children into a place of adoration. I am resting up for tonight.

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