My baby

           Its a funny morning. Adam is having his fifth grade graduation. With all the crazy business surrounding our new business, I had to stop and just think about my baby for a few minutes.

                  I am and have always been in love with Adam. I think its a first-born thing. I made so many mistakes when he was a baby, fed him every time he cried, rocked him to sleep, let him fall asleep in my bed…just to name a few. He doesn’t hold those against me.

            Adam is 11 now, and really a joy to me. He can have a conversation with grown ups, he will pray if there is a need, he feels things very deeply for someone his age. And of course, he is breathtakingly handsome.

            P4270210Its hard to believe that so much time has passed, I know it has to be this way, but it is bitter sweet for this mother’s heart. I am eager to see the man that he will become, but there is some grief for the baby boy that I knew.

He is great to be around, I can watch tv with him, wrestle with him, snuggle him, hold him….right now, I have the best of both worlds… I am going to try and be present, I don’t want to miss a minute.   Happy Graduation Adam ! I love you more than all the atoms that make up all the matter that is the earth. ( if that doesn’t make scientific sense, he will tell me when he gets home !)

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