Stray dog wreaking havoc….

P5280184Here she (we think) is ! She started coming around a couple of days ago, but acted very scared and timid. We did not think too much about it. Then last night when the thunder started rolling and the rain was pouring down, there she was at our door crying. Right at bed time. Maybe it was a mistake, but hey, thats what we are familiar with, we put some food in the garage and felt good about it. This little stinker stood at our back door and cried and cried. Which sent OUR two dogs into barking spasms…keeping us up waaay into the night.

              Thomas had to have Adam at school at 6:15 this morning for his ATLANTA field trip, needless to say, he was tired ! Isabelle and Isaiah think that we can keep this dog, but we have put up lost dog signs already. What is it about kids and dogs ? Isabelle was drawn to this dog like a magnet, no amount of threatening persuaded her to get away from the door. Amazing.

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