The men that I am raising…

Both of my babies have strep-throat. It has made me acutely aware of how each of my kids have their own personality, and how I, in return react to each of them differently.

            When Isaiah gets sick, he is sweet and snuggly, and still..which is rare for him. We lay on the couch and snuggle.


Adam on the other hand gets sick less, and is pitiful in a different way. Tonight when I came home, there was a driving force, an uncontrollable NEED to get in bed with my eleven year old man-child, whose feet are now bigger than mine, whose body is wiry, and muscular,and pointy all at the same time. So thats what I did. I climbed into the bed and stroked his hair, snuggled up to him and gave in wholeheartedly to the mommy desire to hold him. It was good, I really needed that, and so did he.

                             They are so different, and I love them differently. They each need me in a unique way….God is so extravagant in his design. It catches me off guard occasionally.

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