glam clothing co.

Together with Freckles, I have gone into business  ! We are opening a store called …..glam…what else?! We saw a need and had the opportunity, so we jumped! A big ol leap of faith, good thing we have a lot of that . We are beyond excited and blessed, and so far ,everything we have asked our Father for, he has given.

                  We want to be succesful, of course, and we want to be good stewards. We want to bless our families and husbands. Simple. Two moms brainstorming about recession proof business ideas, and we think this is it ! At least for us.

              FYI…I said casually to the Lord and to Freckles, “I wish we knew someone who had been in the retail business and retired, someone with knowledge of the details that we might overlook”. The very next day, we had our meeting with the sales lady from  the radio station 93.7, she was lovely and personable AND, SHE USED TO OWN A DANCE STORE !! She had a ton of advice, along with contacts and hindsight. God is good. It was a simple request, only half serious, but he was listening. I am looking forward to my inheritance. I, for one, am tired of living like I am an orphan. It is time to step into my inheritance, I am the daughter of a king. There is royal blood coursing through my veins ! Thank you Jesus for talking to the Father about me constantly. I love you and you love me.


go to the passion for fashion page to find out the where, when, and what !!

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