splintered and broken

BQCAPV9G5CCA0X3Q7UCAGGZ2R8CAMQOO7ICAITYXXTCAST5EDGCA3L860RCADPO724CA72DU77CAFJ2JSYCAIG60C8CA24C14KCAH3P057CAHDWSKLCAO9H96ACASDM1M0CA21UJ7TCAHFU9IK                                   cried myself to sleep last night, waited to hear you say ‘its gonna be alright”.

                               woke up to a new day, found my voice, had my say.

                      its not easy, being broken, its not  easy, being broken

              walked out of darkness until I could see some light

                             its not easy, being broken, its not easy , but it feels right.

beautifully broken before you….yeah…bowed down and broken before you.



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