Blue heartache

It has been a weekend of ridiculousness. Yes, I said that. There have been emotional highs and lows that have my head spinning. Some things that I can’t talk about yet and others that I will most likely never talk about.

                      One thing that has my heart torn into pieces is ….Victoria. She is a little girl who lives in Charlotte, she is 6 years old. We heard about her in Dec of 2006. The day after Christmas she fell down and had to go to the Dr. come to find out, she had a tumor at the base of her spine, it was a rare cancer for someone her age. My kids and I started praying for her daily, and we believed that the cancer would have no choice but to release its hold on her. When we moved to charlotte in June of 2007, I had the opprotunity to go to Victoria’s house and help out. I was supposed to be babysitting her 1 year old brother, but Victoria was interested in me and followed me around the entire day. She has a lot of spunk and she tests everyone to see if they wil treat her normal, or if they wil baby talk her and give in to whatever she demands. She is brilliant. I came home that day mentally nd physically exhausted, my eyes were bloodshot, my back was hurting, my heart was hurting. I was meeting one of my best friends after this in her classroom. She was drawn to the story and to this little girl, she began tutoring her as soon as she was well enough.

                            We have since moved back to Greenville, and moved on with our busy lives. Victoria is never far from my thoughts. I get updates on her on a weekly basis, the kids continue to ask about her and pray about her. We celebrate her victories as if she was our next door neighbor. The past 2 years have been good and bad, there have been promising days and dark days. Last night when I got home from an uplifting time of worship with my kids, I had an update waiting for me on the computer. Victoria danced in her first dance recital on saturday night and enjoyed the time of her life. Sunday morning, she collapsed at church, unable to talk or use the left side of her body. They took her in right away. The dr. has found what seems to be a tumor on her brain, she had a stroke. She is 6 years old. Will you stop what you are doing and pray with me right now ? Will you?

            Abba, it is not too late. You speak life into being every day. Come. We lift Victoria’s body up to you and we cry, are you listening ? Healer of every broken thing touch this little girl and hold her today. cancer we call you out of the dark place that you hide, you have held on to her and we say release your grip. You cannot stand in the face of the Healer, let go you evil beast. Gods own son died that we might be free, free from disease and death. I believe. Amen.

Would some of you out there please pray for her parents ? Thank you for reading this, its hard and its sad, but we are the body and the bride, this is what we do. m_UlWTrEpfsKuaGgfm

you can read her story at……

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