spirit man

This is what I want my spirit man (the spirit inside me), to look like. He is strong and ready for battle. I think we all know how much work it would take to look like this, so why do we(I) complain when our spirit man is weak and lethargic ? Why do we(I) lament when I am not seeing supernatural strength in ANY area of my our(my) lives?  If I want my spirit man to be ripped and ready, then I have to work him out, feed him the right things, and give him the opprotunity to build muscle. My flesh man feels like sitting around eating donuts. NOT GOOD PEOPLE. My flesh man could not stand up for one minute to the battles raging in my life right now. Its a job for my spirit man alone….so I am resolving to get him in shape, whatever it takes.

PS. I use this illustration for my kids too, I hope you did not find it too juvenile. Sometimes its the simple things that it takes the longest to learn. Go pump some spiritual iron !muscleman_color

One thought on “spirit man

  1. that’s a real good reminder, angie! i could hear you saying it all as i read it 🙂 i can’t neglect feeding my spirit man…my flesh man cannot stand up to anything…i need some supernatural strength!

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