a fine young man

me and adamAdam says that I never blog about him. I think we all know that is not true. Adam makes my heart go pitter-patter. Its an exciting day for him. He was chosen to go before the American Board of  Architecture (along with 16 other kids), and make a presentation about a model house that they have been working on in challenge. He is so excited. He has to wear a tie. I am so excited, I will post a picture.

                  He has worked so hard on the house, he actually burned his fingers yesterday working on it, he went to bed with 6 fingers bandaged up. But thats him, thats just who he is. If something is important to him….he will not give up. He is a fighter and a winner. And darned cute, if I do say so myself.

ps. I trimmed his hair last night, and while we were doing that he said” I need to say I’m sorry mom”.   “for what son ?” “well, when I burned my hand, I said oh my god”. 

Funny, he doesn’t really feel the need to repent for calling his class a “hell-hole filled with snitches and bitches”, but take the Lord’s name in vain ??  (he was so sorry)I am okay with that. You have to have priorities, and if his heart is for the LORD….I’m a happy mama.

4 thoughts on “a fine young man

  1. I am mucho proud of the Adam-ster. Tell him I said so. His determination & courage inspires me and I need all of that I can get right now.


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