The other day I was getting dressed to go to a baby shower for my friend, Joanna. It was a big deal.  And I wanted a word from the Lord for her , for Joanna(not the baby). So, I got in the bathtub(where I do my best thinking) and prayed. Well I kept hearing “deconstruct”. How weird ? I was almost sure that could not be the word for joanna, it must be for something else. Eventually, I looked it up. DECONSTRUCT: the act of breaking down into components. While I was reading the definition, the Lord said ” what does the deconstuction of a mother look like ?” Aha !! In other words, what are the components of a mother ?

                       Joy (aka strength)

                        love(never ending)

                        patience( (to get you through)

                        faith ( big enough to move a mountain)

                         power (to change the atmosphere)

                        mercy ( a new portion every day)

I realized that my friend Joanna EXEMPLIFIES these componets. And what the Lord was telling me was sometimes we have to break down what it takes to be a mother, one component at a time.

ps….it takes a village to raise a village idiot, it takes a mother to raise a child. hahaha !

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