This weekend Thomas and I looked at 2 old farmhouses. This seems strange, only because we live in a beautiful, new, craftsman style home. The problem…we do not own it. And, at this stage in the game, we cannot own it, therefore, it is a lovely, but temporary home for us. We have had a few words given to us over the last week. The first word was roots. We have dear friends who say they are ready to put down roots where they are. We were happy for them, and Thomas did not think too much about it, until later when he became convinced that this was a word of truth for him as well. He said something very specific to the Lord about our needs, basically”we need someone with an old house and a yard, who is willing to owner finance” . Within a day, we found 2 farmhouses, each with their own set of issues.

                     On sunday, the Lord gave me a couple of words, and I think they MIGHT apply to the houses, but DEFINITELY apply to our family. The words are haunting me, so I looked up the definitions (thats what I do when the Lord speaks).

This is what I heard “restoration begins with the foundation”.

Restoration had a couple of meanings, but as I read, I knew exactly which one belonged to me.

restoration- the restitution of something taken away, or lost.

foundation-the groundwork of anything, the act of founding, setting up, establishing.

                 And then for Thomas, the word root-the part that grows downward into the soil, anchoring the plant and absorbing nutrients and water. I LOVE THIS WORD. Everyone needs roots, whatever that might be in your case. We HAVE to have that thing, that part that anchors us and makes it possible for us to receive the nourishment and the water we need. THE LIVING WATER ! HA ! Not the dirty water from the stagnant place that the world offers. These words are blowing my mind and I need to pray into them, dive into them, cover up in them and wrap them around me. I will let you know how it goes.

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