bucket list

Is it too late , now that I am 35….to write a list of things  I want to accomplish before I kick the bucket ? Surely, I could get some things done in the next 50 years, right ? well, here goes…..(some of these are silly, but still important to me).

  • Lead someone to Christ…directly
  • play guitar
  • own a jeep
  • see ireland
  • see alaska
  • live near the ocean
  • inspire someone or something
  • drive up the east coat

thats all for now. Nothing is impossible.

One thought on “bucket list

  1. Angie – you have inspired me. To believe in the Lord, to believe in myself, to be a better mother. You have inspired me to trust in Papa, to worship with all I have. You are an amazing friend and you have inspired me. So you can check that one off your list. Love you.


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