Doing Life

We are “doing” life, as they say. Trying to maintain our responsibilities and friendships while not altogether well. We have been plagued for a month now. Thomas and Isaiah have been pretty sick. They are on meds and getting better.Its not all bad…sometimes when you have a time of sickness, you realize how nice your life is when you are well. We are all looking forward to being better.

                       I have volunteered for stuff at the kids’ school, and spending a lot of time praying for the ladies retreat at crossroads, thats pretty much all thats been going on. This weekend we will put mums in our window boxes, spend time with friends outdoors, clemson game, and try to enjoy each breath and each day as it comes.

                        Each day brings more of you

                        same old story, brand new truth

                        more and more of you

                         new skins and new wine

                        you are good all the time

                        same old story, yours and mine

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