rough patch

Things are rough over here at the Wirthlin house. Isaiah has had an upset stomach for 6 days. Sidney watched a boy at school attack another boy 4 feet away from her. Isabelle has found out that when we are all in bad moods, she is Not funny, like she thinks she is. And then there is Adam. Adam cried himself to sleep last night, because when he calls the Lord, he doesnt come. Today, the Lord gave me a word for Adam, maybe its for you, too. He showed me a mother bird chewing on a worm, making it nice and soft before she turned and fed it to her baby bird. The Lord says that it  is time for Adam to search him out. He wants all of Adam’s attention, and I can’t be his sole source of nutrition any longer.  Sad and exciting. I know Adam is up to the challenge, after all he is a growing boy and he is always hungry !

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