That is the only word I can come up with for the prayer meeting last night. Personally, I was expectant all day yesterday. The Lord simply would not let me be. I had to give praise. Even though my real life did not look that great, it became evident that the sacrifice of praise was being required of me. It was wonderful. GIVING to the Lord was wonderful.

                     Upon my arrival to the church it was clear that there was an electricity in the air, the PRAISE had to go on. And so it did. It was stunning…no entanglements with the enemy, only lifting the name of the most high GOD!! Becoming free in the knowledge that we are loved so wholly, and so Holy, and so well. That sacrifice was offered and received we danced and drank of the Lord willingly. STUNNING.

                 Later, I got into a group to pray and petition on behalf of some friends, but out of the corner of my eye, I saw my pastor, my friend, Steve. He was not praying for anyone, but instead was in the center, getting prayed for. A few minutes into it someone got the water and the cloth and they all began to wash his feet and pray and edify him. It was the most beautiful picture of the church that I have ever seen, The last person to wash his feet was his sweet wife, Becky. She took him in her arms and then she whispered words of love and washed his feet. HOW FITTING…..the bride bent low cleaning the feet of the bridegroom. It was what we all had done just minutes earlier in our sacrifice of praise to Jesus.  STUNNING.

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