I am in the long and drawn out process of getting all of my poems and songs together and into some kind of format. This is a little overwhelming, seeing as I have things that have been written on napkins and scraps of paper all over my house. Although, hard it is good to remind me of what the Lord has done in me. A new work, a new song.

         This is one of the first songs that I wrote, this one actually has a melody and chords(thanks to erin littleson and adam keyes) I havent thought about it in a long time, but wanted to share it today.

                                   Let us hear, let us pray

                                    let us dance, let us sing

                      the song of the broken, the song of the redeemed

                       the song of the Son, the song of the King

                          Jesus, Lord of Lords

                          Jesus, King of Kings

                        Jesus, Almighty God

                     Lord over everything

After I wrote this song the Lord gave someone a word for me, he called me his songbird. I have kept that hidden in my heart like a seed, I’ve watered it and cherished it and now I am watching it grow.

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