worth it

Yesterday at THE HINGE was amazing. I have a sunburned nose and blisters on my feet and it was so worth it. Though exhausting, the hours of prayer shook things loose on a big level, but also on a more personal level. I spent a lot of the family hour praying for mine. I think thats ok…I prayed for other families in Greenville, too, but felt clearly that I should start with mine. Big steps for Isaiah !! He went into his church class today and participated !!He actually asked if he could blow the rams horn to get rid of his fear this morning ! Thank you LORD !! YOU are all I want , all I need. Isaiah is breaking through !!

                 ISAIAH and Isabelle are getting baptized tonight. I am humbled and blessed and filled with hope. It feels good.

One thought on “worth it

  1. Yeah God! I love that in His timing things work out. The Lord knows they will and I think he gently guides us to understand that, even when things seem dismal. I love that the Lord goes before us. Yeah God! Yeah Isaiah! Love.

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