what the heck??

The other night after vbs, there was a beautiful lightning storm, we stood on our porch and watched until common sense took over and we came in. It was only a little while until the thunder started. Isaiah was concerned right away. He is not usually frightened of storms, but the thunder was getting to him. He said “i think the thunder is God warning us ” Thomas and I both said ” no…its just weather” WRONG ANSWER. The next time he said it ” mommy, God is using the thunder to warn us about the devil”. We asked him if he wanted us to pray….and he did, so we did(much better parenting, that time around).So all was well.

               Then tonight at vbs the kids made journals to write their fears in, more importantly, to write how God could help them be brave. So, we came home, and Isaiah started drawing in his journal. Now understand, other kids had drawn storms and rollercoasters even monkey bars at the park, but Isaiah had drawn a monster with terrible teeth and 4 horns. I said “what the heck is that?” And he replied “the devil”.

               I am angry about this. I don’t want my son to be terrified….I want him to be courageous. I believe the words of courage and strength and leadership that have been spoken over him, I also believe that the “devil”, as he calls him, the “thief”, as I like to say, has been stealing from him for quite some time now. I will not stand for it any longer. I won’t let him wreck my home and lie to my children. The kingdom of heaven is at hand, and the violent take it by force !  I am in the begining stages of teaching my kids warfare. Worship and warfare…they go hand in hand. There is a battle raging, we can either prepare our kids….or we can let the enemy tell them they have already lost. 

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