I have been guilty of underestimating the impact of good old fashioned vacation bible school. So I feel its only right to correct that. My kids have been having a wonderful time this week at crcc. They are almost too excited to go to sleep when bedtime rolls around. This could be attributed to the green punch they have been drinking like little sailors on shore leave, OR it very possibly could be the HOLY SPIRIT of GOD stirring in their very tiny, young hearts !!

              Isabelle is so concerned with the kids in Mexico that she would give up her back to school clothes, if I asked her to. And that, is saying a lot. And then there is Isaiah….oh, he can make me cry and laugh all in the same breath. He is very protective of his heart, very private, never prays out loud. He came home last night and told me that when the songs start, he feels funny and tears fill up in his eyes. “the tears don’t come out mommy, they just fill up in my eyes”. What do I say to that ?

                               Thank you GOD ! Thank you Amy Grimes and Tisha Cullison ! Thank you Crossroads ! Thank you people that made the dvd of these songs !

                     Let us not underestimate the power of a childs heart, or a childs faith in GOD…..When Isaiah told me that, I could FEEL the mountains tremble.

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