rearrange my thinking

I have always known I was a strong-willed person. I have considered this one of my less than attractive traits…..until now. God created my will. Its as if there is a dial 1 to 10 and for each of us, he chooses where to set it. He knew me before he created me in my mothers womb, he knew the obstacles I would face, the trials and the triumphs. HE CREATED MY WILL. And he set it just right.

                          He did not want my decisions and affections based on obedience, but on friendship with him. I have done things out of obedience to God for a lot of years, but not now. I make choices now with our relationship in mind. I am making an effort to be consumed by him and that changes the way I think.

                                   God knows the good, the bad, and the ugly about me. And so, when I ,the strong-willed, selfish, scared little girl that he knows so well….turns to him out of love and love alone, IT MOVES HIS HEART and CHANGES HIS MIND.

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