dusty vision(stolen from Rich)

There is a vision that I’ve had for so long, that it is in fact so covered with dust that I had to put on a mask just to write about it.

                    Here is the problem, its been in the closet for so long that I nearly forgot it was the Lord who gave it to me. I accepted it, and I took a lovely piece of pride and wrapped it up. That was not quite enough protection for this vision, so I added layer after layer of fear, until you could not see or hear the vision anymore.

                     I am so sorry Lord, I let fear be my king

                     you are the author, the owner of every single thing

                    And so, this thing that I’ve been keeping for myself

                    I lay it down right now, I lay it down right now

                     So glad that I can see, with out you….its no good to me.

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