Rebel with a cause

Jesus was the original rebel. He was liberal with out being loose, soft-hearted, but not weak minded. His mercy outweighs his justice. And I am grateful. He was revolutionary !

                    This week my kids have been pressuring me about the rules that I have set up for them. Movies, in particular. I am very strict on what they can watch. Especially, on the 15 yr old and the 10 yr old. All of their friends get to see movies that I will not let them see, and they think it is ridiculous. tough. Thats my answer. There are movies that I saw as a young person that remain in the hard drive of my memory, some are pretty questionable and I can’t help but wonder what part they played in my decision making as a teenager.

                          My point here is this… still have peer pressure as an adult, I feel pressured to let my kids see and do things because other christian parents are letting their kids see it and do it. I will not be swayed, I will let my heart do the leading, and following in the footsteps of Jesus, I will be counter-cultural.


                                                        If you have a teenage daughter and you let her see the movie JUNO…..what are you thinking ?? I would like to know.

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