here goes

i am :  a daughter, a wife, a,mother, a sister, a friend, a little girl, a woman

i think : nonstop

i know :right from wrong

i want : peace

i have :the best husband

i wish: i was the best wife

i hate : lies

i hear: birds singing, isaiah talking to himself, my voice inside my head

i feel :like something is about to happen

i miss : my children being babies

i fear : bitterness, and spiders

i smell : cheetos

i crave : ice cream and the sun

i search : for the truth

i wonder : what this life is all about

i dream : not as often as i would like to

i regret : getting a tatoo

i love : jesus

i ache : when children are hurt

i care : about manners

i always: put things back where they go

i am not:easy to please

i believe : in miracles

i dance : to crack my kids up

i sing : to put them to sleep, and to jesus

i cry : when i watch commercials

i don’t always : say the right thing

i fight : the enemy everyday

i write : all the time, on every piece of paper, messy

i win : at scrabble and thumb wars

i lose : at boggle and monopoly

i never : forget

i confuse : my husband daily

i listen : when other people talk

i can usually be found : in the bath tub

i am scared : of my pride

i need : to be still

 i am happy about : my new friends

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