ok….Nicole admitted how weird she is, so here goes….

  • I rub my feet together to go to sleep
  • when the day has been unbearable, I pull thomas’ t-shirt up, and put my head inside.
  • I look in the sheets every night for spiders before I get in
  • when I bring groceries home, I will not / can not take my coat off, go to the bathroom, answer the phone, or do anything else until they are put away
  • sometimes I skip dinner and eat twizzlers
  • I wanted to be a solid gold dancer
  • whenever I am tickled, I have a panic attack
  • I hate my tatoo
  • I talk baby talk to my dog
  • I loved being pregnant
  • I am a recovering purse addict
  • still struggling with my reality tv addiction
  • I have read every danielle steele book
  • my daddy has live bears at his house
  • I never go to his house

One thought on “Weirdness

  1. Awesome! Loved those. Love the one about rubbing your feet together to go to sleep. I can’t sleep unless Jeremieh is touching my foot with his foot. Even if it is just his toe on my toe. Crazy stuff!

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