I will camp in your camp

Here is the deal….my friend calls me up and says “JESUS IS HERE!” So what do I do ? Easy, I start making plans to go. I will follow him around like in the days of old, I don’t think its crazy….He IS THE GREAT I AM. If his presence is somewhere, I want to be there too.


     I wonder if he knows I’m following him, walking as fast as I can

        toward him, away from this sin.

     Can he sense my presence in the camp, can he see the glow from my lamp ?

       I’ve been waiting patiently, how long now until he sees me ?

         My King, He is beautiful….. His face is peace, his words sustain

         long after darkness fall, the light remains

         It comes from within him, some place my eyes can’t see

              How long now GOD, until he looks at me ?



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