pity party- you’re invited

First of all , I am tired of being in adolescence with God. Throwing temper tantrums, mood swings, and the jealousy I feel whenever God is paying attention to someone other than me. I’m just too old for that, and frankly, I am not the only one . I think God is too. He keeps giving me tests, and trying to pull me into adulthood with him, but just like my teenager……I take 3 steps forward and two steps back. aargh !

         Second, when did the world start spinning so fast that when you don’t feel good, no one has time to give you a cup of chicken soup ??

                    I woke up wrong, wrote this song, watched t.v. for way too long,but hey I know you love me still.

                I know all about good intentions, they lead me around like bad directions, I know what I should do, just give it up and lean on you.

              I’m scaping the dirt of this day from under my fingernails, saying goodbye to the times I’ve failed….and hey, you love me still.

                             you love me still, you love me soft, you love me sweet, you love me lost, you love me fiercely,you never count the cost.

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