I am so relieved !!

For months now, I take my kids to school( with the exception of Isaiah),and I watch the kids walking in and walking out. I sit in the car and wonder, actually I LAMENT !”why can’t Isaiah just be normal?”

                       What is wrong with me ?? Why would I want a normal kid ??

                          Isaiah is funny and smart and charming, he loves God, he loves dogs, but most of all he loves ME ! Even with all of my oddities and hang-ups, he loves me. My son might not be like all the other so called normal kids, and that can be hard at times, but hey…he hasn’t been on this planet for that long. Maybe he just hasn’t adjusted to the culture yet. Maybe, if I am very lucky, he never will.

                                      Cowboy butterfly

                          rough and soft

                                     tough and sweet

                        wings, but also feet

                                   down in the dirt

                       and up in the sky

                              my beautiful cowboy butterfly

2 thoughts on “I am so relieved !!

  1. Hey dear beautiful Angie.

    ah, that Isaiah, I love him most of your children, I think. Maybe he reminds me of me … not normal and never, never content to let anyone think that I am. I am amazingly loved by God, by my husband and my children think I am cool most of the time.

    I predict that Isaiah will be the one to teach you most about God, about His kingdom, about being surprised because it isn’t what we would call normal. In fact, I have learned that about the time that I think I understand, God reveals a bit more to knock me off my feet. He never lets me get comfortable.

    Do you even know who this is? If not, click on my name and visit my blog. You’ll know then. Let’s get together soon. I’d love to chat.

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