march 5th

Just another day at home with my 6 year old son, Isaiah. Did I mention that Isaiah has decided not to go to school ? Why am I surprised ? Isaiah is the kid who can go without food for days, just to prove a point. I was not able to potty train him until after he was 4. When he thought that I had given up (actually, I had ) he went to the potty on his own. He flat refused to go to pre-school, and sunday school ,too.So, now we are at home together and what I am realizing is just how much I am like Isaiah. The Lord is giving me a clear picture of my stubborness and unbelief. Lord, I believe but help my unbelief.

One thought on “march 5th

  1. Isn’t it crazy that the kid we have the most trouble or issues with is usually the one most like us? I love Madison to death, but she drives me crazy. She is so much like me though…I do think God is teaching us something in those trying moments. I pray that He make it clear to me what He wants me to learn. Have an awesome day! I love this blog!

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