between dust and laundry, I found a song

This blog is a mixture of the spiritual woman I want to be and the flesh and blood woman that I am. So, even though I am in the midst of cleaning the house and doing the laundry…living an ordinary day, God gave me this song.

                               I Praise

Theres a goodness in me, I’m more than what you see

Theres a light inside me, its him, his purity

I fight against the darkness and I fall down in my pride

you could swim in the river of all the tears i’ve cried

but when it all comes down, to the lost being found…..

I wake up in his grace, I feel the warmth on my face…and I praise

 I praise, I praise….I praise

Theres a truth inside me, his divinity and it moves through my heart

 sometimes it tears me apart, its a wave that crashes in, covers every sin

 so when it all comes down to the lost being found….

I wake up in his grace, I feel the warmth on my face..and I praise

I praise, I praise…I praise

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