Oh brother….

Shalom Bringing peace to chaos.  What a word.  It really packs a punch.  That was the topic in City Kids this morning.  Of course,  if I am about to welcome 40 kids and pray for peace over the service, you know that means that MY kids were fighting in the car on the way.  Does God give you peace if you are yelling when you ask for it ?  Yep, I can vouch for that.

Once we got everyone in small groups we asked the kids (1st- 5th graders), an area of their lives that needed shalom,  peace being brought into chaos.  98% of them said sibling relationships were the area that they most needed peace.  Let’s think about that for a minute. The enemy has been coming against the sibling relationship since Cain and Abel. Why ? I believe that it’s because there is power there,  no one else knows you like a sibling, you share so many of the same stories, traditions, funny memories, and let’s  face it….crazy parents.  So, we prayed for shalom to invade our homes,  our schools,  but most of all, our families.  We prayed that the peace that comes , will come from the inside , the peace that Jesus puts there, and it will reveal itself in the midst of chaos. Amen to that. The lesson was right on time for me, and mine.  God is good.  I hope that shalom will be a theme in your home this week, this season, this very minute. Peace.

funny days. beautiful words.

It’s been weird around here without Adam.  It’s always weird when one of the birds is away from the nest.  There have been outings, movies, and maybe a small tornado. Funny days.

I am reading a book.  It’s called Beautiful Outlaw.  Look it up, you will not be sorry. First of all…the title. It speaks volumes. And then, there are the guts of the book. The words that I have been reading caused me to search deeper, to take a closer look,  at the Jesus that I have been loving, to question how I  (who think I am so funny ) could have missed his sense of humor. What ? In fact, he was playful. How did I miss it in the scriptures ? I know how, I was hell bent on GETTING it, and of course, passing it on to my kids, my little disciples.  Wrong. Again. I missed the fact that the most important thing for me to pass on is HIS HUMANITY.

How did I miss HIS lonliness ? Me ? I suffer from it often, and I didn’t recognize it in the words of my Jesus. His humanity people. See it. My lonliness is okay, I am not defined by it, and I am learning from it. And I know that Jesus UNDERSTANDS it. He knows how I feel.

Okay, that is all. A quick little update on life.


When I was 17… I made really selfish choices.  I didn’t make the same ones at 20.  Growth . At 23 , I was unsure, and unaware. At 25,  I was a different person.  At 30, I questioned every move that I made, every decision that I decided, and every blessing that God gave me. At 35…I began to see my Father for who he was,  my heavenly father, that is,  and that lead me to see my husband,  and my children for who they really are. I am 38 now, and I’m not the same. I’m not even the same woman that I was yesterday morning. My heart is so soft that one song, one word…one message can change it.  And they do.  I am happy to be a work in progress. I am going forward, evolving if you will. And what about you ? Are you still listening to the same music that you listened to 10 years ago ? Wearing the same lipstick, and sporting the same hairstyle ? And your spiritual life…has it changed as you’ve grown older ? We will never arrive. So anyone who tells you they have it all figured out is lying.

One more thought…I fall more in love with my husband as he changes. Shocking, and sweet surprise to me ! His heart is for God, and as he draws closer, I am all the more attracted to him.  My Father is so good to me.  Ashes for beauty,  every single day around here.  So, in closing…when someone asks me if I believe in evolution…the answer is, well yes, yes I do.