Hidden things

This morning someone said to me ,” the more we are hidden on earth, the more we are revealed in heaven “.  This is an anthem today.  I am building a fortress around me out of scripture. I am laying down and covering myself with a blanket of promises, old and new. But most of all , I am believing that the ugly, the dark , the hidden places are making me known to heaven, those hurt and broken places are making me familiar with my Father. Inside and out he knows me , he knows you . So for now , you and I can keep hiding out, crying in our secret places , and all the while … our hiding is leading the son of man, the son of God right to us . We are an incorruptible seed planted by the one who paid for everything we have ever wanted to hide . We are the innocent ones …. revealed over and over again . Take heart and have courage . We are not alone . 

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