Cast a shadow

What a season of change I am in ! Let’s catch up…Man child has gone to college, he doesn’t live with me anymore. This has been more brutiful (beautiful/brutal)than I had imagined. And big blue eyed girl is driving… which leads me to lion boy who is growing at warp speed, he is in high school. A big public high school . And he is winning ! Killing it. My heart almost stopped the week that all these changes took place . My two littles ( I use that term loosely) drove away together and I fell onto my bed and thanked the lord for the pain in my heart. As I’ve learned , HE always responds to grattitude.  He was gracious enough to tell me something . And I wanted to share it with you there in the grocery store, you there letting go of your college student, or kindergartner , you wondering what in the world you are supposed to do now . The lord whispered this …. MY LOVE overshadows all of it. Your pain, your tears of joy, your shopping to fill up that spot, your wandering heart, your ugly and your beautiful…all of your comings and your goings. MY LOVE casts a shadow so GIANT that your whole life is covered. 

And that was it , simple and stunning . I am in a season that is NOT a mid life crisis, it’s mid lifeAWARENESS. I am resting, and laughing. I am loving and letting myself be loved … Extravagantly. Amazed by the coolness of the shadow the Lord’s love has cast on me .  

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