2016 …and my word.

I think it was 3 years ago that I first asked the Lord for a word for my new year. It has become a tradition that I look forward to. It makes Christmas passing not seem so bad ! Last year I asked Him for a word, I heard bird…hmm. I thought it was a funny word for my year , bordering on silly. The wonderful thing about asking the Lord for a name , or a word is that you don’t have to do the work. I sat back and let him lead me . From the beginning of the year , right up to the end…He was teaching and showing me birds, feathers, flying, and nests. The year turned out to be like the most beautiful tree with branches growing in every direction. I’m so grateful, and always amazed. 

      This year I started asking and listening around Christmas Eve. I know there is no time frame, but I was really hoping the Lord would see that I wanted my word before New Years! Of course He knows me inside and out , and He is a good father. I heard my word (quietly, softly) in that week that falls between Christmas, and New Years. It’s a magical week of looking back, and looking forward at the same time. A week of hope, a knowing that everything is new, a reminder of God’s gift . Beauty . Um, no , clearly I’m hearing that because I’ve been reading fashion and makeup blogs all day. Beauty. Really Lord? Can you imagine Lord , me saying to people that you gave me a word for the year and it’s … Beauty ? I actually argued with the maker of EVERYTHING , the Ancient Of Days. Lord, what vanity ! But He is so good, His patience with me is unending . I slept on the word, I rolled it around in my head. Beauty. And then He said , “imagine the things I want to teach you !” I am overwhelmed at the possibilities , but I know a few things for certain. First, I have been on the path leading to this word for several years now. The path to understanding worthiness, and self -love , even self-care ( making time for myself , even though there are 3 teenagers that all need different things from me). 

   I am diving in , I’m eager to hear and read , and talk about , and look at , and cry because of … Beauty . BEAUTY in art, in nature , from ashes , between the broken and the bliss, on the mountain , and inside my own heart. Oh the places we are going to go this year ! There will be tributaries that break off from this river of beauty , there will be eye opening revelations , and minds changed this year. And in all of it , I’m going to find the beauty.  


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