The sweet ( suffering ) spot ….

In a recent post I wrote about the sweet spot that I am experiencing . I thought about it and decided to dive in a little deeper . Please hear me say , the sweet spot was not handed to me , nor do I sit in it 24/7. My marriage has been filled with struggle , with myself, with my kids , with my husband . But this marriage is long- suffering , and that is a gift ,and a fruit of the spirit. The sweet spot is in the…. knowing . Knowing that we are never giving up. That God glory is in all of it, even the bickering that binds us . The sweet spot is having eyes to see that you can be thankful in ugly and in beauty , in love and in aggravation . If your marriage like mine is a long suffering dance of humor, and passion ,and joy and bliss and fury…then clap your hands , write a love song , bow down and thank the giver of Love , and Love himself . If you are still standing together , you’re in the sweet spot . 

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