As the first week of school comes to a close, I am sitting at my kitchen table thinking about it. Replaying it. Basking in it. There were sports, unexpected visits from friends, miles and miles driven, a face treatment that has put my vanity in check, nights working late for dad, maybe a couple of swear words on my part, and unspeakable joy in all of it. 

 Belle was unsure, but like the strong girl she is , she is finding her footing. Adam is thrilled with his classes, and excited at the idea of learning something new. Such an answered prayer. I hate when school is just drudgery, and so does he. 

And Isaiah. Deep breath. He has had an amazing week. He woke up the first morning with a terrible cold , and I thought – oh no, this could be it. My son, came right through that! He has been kind, and helpful, and thank you God, happy at school . It is one day at a time , but today… I am humbled by my son’s strength, amazed at Gods love, encouraged by the ladies who continue to pray for me and my kids, and in general brought back to life by Jesus. Sometimes in the wake of a heartache, you find yourself. 

2 thoughts on “Life

  1. So happy that Isaiah is having a great week. I have been praying for him and seeing the fun that our kids are having together makes my heart happy.

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