What love looks like

Well. Love doesn’t always show up like you think it will. It doesn’t always dance into the room , sometimes it grows and explodes , and falls down all around your head . Just like popcorn that’s been left over the fire too long. And love doesn’t always feel like you expect it too. Along with the joy, there is incredible trial and compromise. It doesn’t always feel like a slow dance in a beautiful dress, sometimes it feels like a tug of war in muddy tennis shoes. And love certainly does not always look like what you are expecting it to. Blue skies, and  perfect days, laying in the sun,  is what we think it will look like, and sometimes it does. Baby ,  love looks like a rolling river, and a beautiful thunderstorm ,too. Love looks like a newborn baby, and a hand to hold. Love holds you up, and sees the best in you. Love doesn’t let you go. It’s all around you Sidney. It always has been. Love has been there in the happiest of times, and love has been there when the days look the darkest. You don’t always see love coming, I didn’t. But now I know…what love looks like. Love looks like you. You are loved. Happiest of Birthdays. 

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