Tending, toiling…sewing seeds

Just doing a little gardening in the spirit today. Seeds, prayers and time with the lord. Plant the seed of honesty in belle , plant the seed of knowing. Knowing who she is even when there is no mirror to look in and no friend to tell her. The seed of knowing . Plant the seed of vision. That she would be able to see around corners, to see the bigger picture than just today. Plant the seed of worship and warfare , that her need to love on you with her whole heart would grow strong like vine that can’t be cut away. Plant the seed of woman’s intuition in heart, let it grow into a beautiful and plentiful garden. A place where her children and grandchildren will come for nourishment and rest, a place where they will learn and wonder about your ways. 

Plant the seed of peace in Isaiah’s heart, peace in turmoil, and peace in struggle . Lord I ask you to plant the seed of love , a seed that will grow into a tree no man can take down. A tree whose branches will give shelter to generations to come. That the roots would be so strong that his name would be written in your book of faithful. That the children who sit under his shade would never feel less than. That they would look up at the sky through the magnificent tree that he has become and know that they are enough. 
Plant the seed of wholeness in Sidney’s heart, a tiny seed that will take root and start to grow . A seed that will bring a whole forest of wholeness, no broken thing. Plant the seed of forgiveness in Sidney’s heart for the wrongs done to her, let that be the start. Plant the seed of mommy love in the rich soil that she has already been tending to , let her love for Layla be stronger than her love for anything else, except you. Plant the seed of responsibility, for her actions as well as for the future. Her heart will grow an enchanted forest where her children and their children can run and play and laugh and grow. 
And lord plant the seed of identity deep in Layla’s heart, that her identity , her legacy would be deeply rooted even now, never swept away in a fast moving wind. Plant the seed of love , bigger than the ocean ! The seed of receiving love and the seed of giving it out to those who need it. Plant in her the ability to be a seer, to look deeper into someone than their circumstance and see their spirit. Plant in her the seed of understanding , that even from an early age she would recognize spiritual things. Give her strength and long life , give her a true love and a mamas heart. Water the garden that is her heart. 
Plant the seed of dreams in Adams heart. Dreams that become his future, plant the seeds of honesty and kindness. Honesty even when it’s tough, and kindness for those times when none can be found. Plant the seed of patience in his soul , the understanding that wisdom takes time to grow. Plant these seeds that will grow him into a mighty oak of a man. A place of rest and peace for his wife and children . And for his children’s children. That his countenance would be a standard that they set for themselves as well. That he would be an elder in his community and in his family . 
Mothers plant seeds into the soil of their children’s hearts, they tend it, they toil over it, they get sun burned and bone tired, but watching those seeds grow make every bit of it worth it. I count every day with you guys as joy. 
You sitting in your car, or hiding out in your bathroom, you at the end of your rope, or at the top of your game… Plant that seed, the one you’ve been holding on to, waiting for the right season. It’s here. Now, watch it grow. It’s hard work, this kind of gardening, but it gives way to a harvest! 

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