There are some stories or chapters in your life that you look back on with such a fondness . It seems like you can actually feel the moment, as if you were still right there. The beginning of a love story or a friendship. Sweetness , and light. Only God knows the beginning to the end , with every sunny day, or gray sky in between. He  alone is the author of our stories, the architect of the plan. I do not pretend to know what I will be doing in a year or five. I am content in this season. I am parenting , and loving. I’ve grown more this year than I have in the previous 5. This place I’m in might look like a rut from the outside, but in fact it’s just the opposite!  Time is marching on, and I’m spending what I have learning to give love. Each step I take in that direction, I get better at receiving love. And that is the journey, the adventure. It’s not a new job, or a new physical place, it’s new space in my heart. A new mirror to look into and see something that wasn’t there before. I am always changing and my GOD never  is. Chapters in my life will begin and end, they are overlapping. And I am turning the page. 

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