Stories are revealed in layers. Over years . Beauty is unveiled in layers, with time. Two years ago , the Lord started in on me. He said … Stop . I did. I tried. I wasn’t sure what he wanted me to stop. A year went by , and he called to me again. It’s time, he said. Time to stop. Stop what Lord? Stop running from your broken heart . And with that simple statement, my whole past started churning inside me. I wrote it out my story, I prayed, I sang , I cried… I grieved for the ghost of a girl I used to be. And then …. I started to heal. Another year has passed , and I am seeing myself new, recognizing the intricate details that Abba has worked out in me. The whispers of love that I heard all through the darkest days were His. I belong to him. Our love is eternal. Outside of time. I am revealed again and again ,every morning . Layer by layer.

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