Yes . Joy comes in the morning. That’s true. Relief comes in the morning, a break from the darkness and the thoughts that threaten to strangle you sometimes in your head. But how do we get through the night? What combats the monsters under our bed? Psalm 92 says to thank the lord in the morning, even with singing , to show your loving kindness towards him when you wake. And show your FAITHFULNESS to him at night!! I am undone by this. I am amazed, I have found myself doing this without knowing that psalm 92 said it! My spirit was doing it, working it out for me. I will think on my day, and unravel the tangle of thoughts each night before I lay my head down, and then… I will offer HIM my faithfulness. Full of faith that he will work it out, that HIS love cast away my fears, and shines a light into my dark corners of doubt. Be blessed today with understanding that the Lord will not only deliver you , but honor you too. Psalm 91:15

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