The Quest for the inner circle…..

It’s Isaiah’s birthday, and we are shutting the house down. It’s been a good day. Beautiful weather, lots of laughs…just the kind of day that I like. And even now, there is an underlying sense of worry that I can’t shake. Belle talks a lot about not being liked at school. The angst of not being in the popular crowd. You know what Im talking about. When will she be able to understand that the quest for the inner circle will break your heart ? That was C.S. Lewis that said that, not me. But I know what he was saying, I get it. However, I am 41 …not 14. AND, I literally just got it last week.
I want Belle to know that being tall and beautiful is awesome, but being smart, and kind, and funny are the things that draw people to her. I want her to know that she is loveliest when she is sitting around in flannel pjs, with a freshly washed face , making us all laugh at some silly story from her day. That her heart is generous, and her spirit is brave. That she is a masterpiece. God’s own creation. And so are the girls that she thinks hate her. Hate her….thats what she thinks. It just can’t be . We are all little girls inside. Wanting to be the best friend, the cool kid, the one with the best dress, or new shoes…the leader of the pack. The mom who’s kids obey the first time, the wife with the attentive husband , the woman who is asked to lead things, and has it all together. Oh, don’t forget the woman at the gym who knows how to work all the machines, AND is wearing Lululemon pants !
It’s ok. Let’s cut each other some slack. Girls and women. Let’s smile at each other, compliment one another….take notice of each others beauty, and differences. Can we ? I feel like I’m seeing this fresh through my daughter’s eyes, and learning it again. Here’s to continuing education !

4 thoughts on “The Quest for the inner circle…..

  1. Amazing words and beautifully written! Love it all and I agree with you so much. Thanks for sharing your heart!

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