In like a lion.

The end of 2014 was not quiet like a lamb. It was explosive and unsettling. We had our grown daughter and her baby move in, my mother was hospitalized and is very sick. Everything feels a little upside down, my equilibrium is off. I keep seeing myself from somewhere above…oh there I am walking around , on the ground, in the midst of strain, and confusion. But up here , I can see clearly, that all is well. In my physical I am tired and stressed, but in my spirit I feel God steadying me, and talking to me. It’s been a gift. Life is in fact , a vapor . It can’t be bottled, or held to a specific shape or size. It refuses to be contained . And then it will be over, but we will go on forever. An undeniable truth. An eternal spirit. I am choosing to focus on my spirit today, even in the midst of physical circumstances down here on the ground. So 2015 you go ahead and roar, come into the room of my life like a lion . I am watching you, and I am still standing.

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